Pan&Tilt Control System
    Publish time 2012-11-16 08:45    
Item #: PHT-2002  Pan & Tilt  Stainless Steel S304 Materials Wireless Remote Control, Wire Remote Control Box AC 220~240V/50 Hz, or DC 12V/24V

Product Name: Pan&Tilt Control System

Milt-Functional Pan&Tilt system

Whole System include Pan & Tilt and Control Box

Wireless Remote Control / wire remote control box

Control Style: Lamps control in individual(Lamp A,B,C,D) or in Groups (Group A or B), light on and light off.

Mast Control: Non-locking mast auto-extending, auto retracting.

Vertical Turn: 420 degrees

Horizontal Turn: 420 degrees

Turn Speed: 10 degrees per second

Turn Limit: Yes

Working Power: 12V/24V, AC 220~240V/50Hz

Head Load Capacity: 35kgs

Pan & Tilt Size: 356mmL *170mmW * 286.5mmH

Weight: 12kgs

size of turn and tilt