PHT Manufacture Inc./ Suzhou GEPU Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.
was founded in the year of May of 2008 in Wuxi, Jiangsu province and focused on produce and export Pneumatic Telescopic Mast. And the PHT as the mast brand. 
In the year of May of 2011, PHT established a company SUZHOU GEPU PRECISION MACHINERY CL.,LTD in Suzhou. SUZHOU GEPU focused on the MOBILE LIGHT TOWER and MOVE LIGHTS production which based on pneumatic telescopic mast. 
In the early of 2015, PHT and SUZHOU GEPU combined together, focus on PNEUMATIC TELESCOPIC MAST and related products development and production in Wuxi.
With many years experience of development and production, PHT products obtain a high reputation of hight quality and good services from customers all over the word. PHT markets cover many countries, almost all over the word, such as USA, Australia, Germany, UK, France, Netherland, Span, Brazil, Chile, UAE, SAU, Jordan, Iran, Malaysia, Philippine,Thailand, Indonesia,New Zealand, Russia,Ukraine, India, South Africa, Nigeria, ___.

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