focused on the MOBILE LIGHT TOWER and MOVE LIGHTS production which based on pneumatic telescopic mast


Company Introduction

PHT Manufacture Inc. is the leading manufacture Specialist in production of Pneumatic Telescopic Masts and Mobile Lighting Tower in China.We supply a wide range of Telescopic Masts and Mobile Lighting Towers and solutions for various application such as Fire Departments/Rescue,Police/Security Military Applications,Broadcast and Media,Mobile Transmissions...

Recommend Products

PHTmast Solutions for everything from mobile communications to media broadcasting, cellular and specific custom applications.

1> Military Applications

UAV Tracking or Detection,Defense Communications,Surveillance Camera Elevation,Soldier Training Activities,Emergency Communications,Base&Facility Security,Intelligence Gathering,Sensor Elevation,Elevated Antennas

2> Homeland Security
Surveillance Camera Elevation,Communication Antenna Towers,Mobile Hydird-Power Generation,Mobile Data Centers,Sensor Elevation,Data Gathering




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