6m side mounting move lighting tower- 6000W lamps
    Publish time 2016-01-17 10:23    
Item #: PHT-LT-6-6000 6000W lighting tower system (LED lamps available) 6m pneumatic telescopic mast with inner spiral cables remote control/ Pan Tilt System AC220V/50Hz Power Supply automatic restore to the original position

Details Specification:

1> mast

     6m extended pneumatic telescopic mast

     1.75m retracted height

     internal spiral conductor cables

     5 sections (section dia. 66mm~140mm)

     anti-twist aluminum alloy materials

     work temperature: -25~85 Deg.C

2> lights 

     6x 1000W Philips QVF137 lamps

3> Pan Tilt system

     remote control by wireless and wire cable

     turn/tilt 420 degrees

     auto packing function

4> automatic restore function, mast extend/retract automatically, lamps are controlled by A group and B group

5> AC220V/50Hz power supply

6> System Weight: 100kg approx.