25m Locking Pneumatic Telescopic Mast
    Publish time 2016-12-14 16:49    
Item #: PHT-90111250  25m Lockable Pneumatic Telescopic Mast  30kg payloads, 3.7m retract height  11 sections/ section dia. 36mm~229mm  aluminum alloy 6063T5 materials, mast weight 230kg  top flange, bottom flange, air hose pipe, 4x4 guying mounting rings included

25m Lockable Pneumatic Telescopic Mast 30kg payloads

1> Item #: PHT-90111250

2> Extend Height: 25m

3> Retract Height: 3.7m

4> Top loads: 30kg max.

5> Number of sections: 11 sections

6> Section out diameter: 36mm~229mm

7> Materials: Aluminum alloy 6063T5

8> Working air pressure: 0.15-0.3Mpa

9>Working temperature: -0~60 celsius degrees(low temperature seal kits selected)

10> Default Accessories: 1x top flange, 1x bottom flange, 1x air hose pipe, (4x4 guying mounting rings and ropes selected)

11> Weight: 230kg.

25m trailer mast tower