What's PHT-pneumatic telescopic masts?
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PHT-pneumatic telescopic masts

What is PHT-Pneumatic Telescopic Masts?

PHT-pneumatic telescopic masts are some series pneumatic telescopic masts which were manufactured by PHT Manufacture Inc. PHTmast are aimed at High-Quality, Working Stable, Cost-economical, Service-Best.

The Pneumatic Telescopic Mast is the structure used to raise the payload to an operational level. It consists of several concentric, nesting mast sections, fabricated from aluminum materials AL-6063/T5, which retract and extend by pneumatic/air supply system.

PHT produce three series pneumatic telescopic masts, which are Locking Pneumatic Masts(Series-9), Non-Locking Pneumatic Masts( Series-8) and Pneumatic Telescopic Masts with Cables mounted( Series-7). The locking Pneumatic Telescopic Masts can be moved off the air/pneumatic supply systems, such as electric air pump. when the mast extend fully. The locking system will be auto-locking every sections when erect fully. This mast series can working at any long time.

Series-7 masts are masts which mount electric cables inside, conduct cables, internet cables, coaxial cables.  

PHTmast Solutions for everything from mobile communications to media broadcasting, cellular and specific custom applications.

1> Military Applications

UAV Tracking or Detection,Defense Communications,Surveillance Camera Elevation,Soldier Training Activities ,Emergency Communications,Base&Facility Security,Intelligence Gathering,Sensor Elevation,Elevated Antennas

2> Homeland Security

Surveillance Camera Elevation,Communication Antenna Towers,Mobile Hydird-Power Generation

Mobile Data Centers ,Sensor Elevation,Data Gathering

3> Law Enforcement Applications

Surveillance Camera Elevations,Communications Antenna Towers,Mobile Hybird-Power Generation

Mobile Data Center

4> Emergency Management Applications

5> Intelligence Gathering Applications

Surveillance Camera Elevation,Communications Antenna Towers,Mobile Power Generation,Mobile Data Centers,Sensor Elevation

6> Research & Scientific Applications

Atmospheric Measurement,Airfield Weather Stations,Lighting,Underground Observation,Oil-field Exploration,Temporary Marine Mast Date Sensor

7> Security & Surveillance Applications

Data gathering,Camera elevation,Sensor Elevation,Lighting,Elevated Antennas

8> Border Security Applications

Surveillance camera elevation,Communications Antenna Towers,Mobile Lighting Tower Generations

Mobile Data Centers,Sensor Elevation

9> Commercial Applications

Temporary Cellular Towers,Mobile Telecommunications,Underground Search,Mine Security, Utility Company Underground Observation,Oil-field Security,Installation for Signage,Lighting,Camera Elevation,Sports Meeting Elevations

10> Data Collection/Sensors

Camera Elevation,Sensor Elevation,Defense Intelligence,Homeland Security,Underground Observation