6m Pneumatic Telescopic Lighting Mast System
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6 m Pneumatic Telescopic Lighting Mast system 360 degress in horizontal or vertical wireless remote control and wire remote control system 4 x 1000W Philips Halogen Lamps controlled by individual Vehicle Mounted

6 m Pneumatic Telescopic Lighting Mast System

Model: PHT-LT-6-4000

  • 1> Lighting Mast information: 6m extended height, 1.75m retracted height, internal spiral cables
  • 2> Lamps system: 4 x 1000 W Halogen Lamps, Individual Control
  • 3> Control system: 420 degrees horizontal and vertical Wireless remote control, Wire remote control, Rotate system (turn, and tilt)
  • 4> whole unit include: mast system, lamps systemcontrol system
  • 5> Video Link:  http://sdrv.ms/Zco71e
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