18m Telecommunication Antenna Tower Mast
    Publish time 2012-11-06 13:51    
Item #: PHT-90111180 18m Antenna Pneumatic Telescopic Mast, lockable collar, 18m height, 2.75m retracted height, 30kg payloads, 11 sections, base section ida. 229mm, 3 layers and 4 ways guying ropes. Long time application due to the locking mechanism for monthly (PHTmasts in Australia)

18m Antenna Pneumatic Telescopic Mast, lockable collar, monthly application, guying rope equipped, application for mobile telecommunication antenna, broadcasting

(PHTmasts in Australia)

Product Name:18m Locking Pneumatic Telescopic Masts

Style: Auto-Locking Collar

1> Item #: PHT-90111180

2> Extended Height: 18m

3> Retracted Height: 2.75m

4> Head Loads: 30 kgs

5> Maximum working pressure: 0.2Mpa/29PSI

6> Working temperature: -25~850C

7> Sections: 11 sections ( Base tube 229mm diameter)

8> Mast Weight: 180kgs approx.

9> Default Accessories: 1 x Top flange, 1 x Bottom flange, 1x air hose pipe

Optional Accessories:

3x4 guying ropes, electric air compressor,Ground Mounting Tripod,Air Control Panel with air filters, side mounting brackets