10m Locking Mast-100kg payloads
    Publish time 2011-05-19 10:26    
Item#: PHT-90405100 10m locking pneumatic telescopic mast, 100kg payloads, 2.84m retracted height with 5 sections which diameter range from top 82mm to 160mm of bottom. This mast model produced from the year of 2011, which designed for Germany customer whole install antenna systems. Every year, customer will purchase many for their clients. Whole mast we supply to them include a standard top flange, bottom flange, air hose pipe, air control valve and also with a ground mounting tripod brackets.
10m Locking Mast-100kg payloads

Product Name: 10m Pneumatic Telescopic Masts

Style: Auto-Locking Collar

1> Model: PHT-90405100

  • 2> Extended Height: 10m
  • 3> Retracted Height: 2.84m
  • 4> Head Loads: 100 kgs
  • 5> Working Pressure: 0.2Mpa/29PSI
  • 6> Working Temperature: -20~850C (-55~850C available)
  • 7> Sections: 5 sections ( Base tube 160mm diameter)
  • 8> Mast Weight: 80kgs
  • 9> Default Accessories: 1 x Top flange, 1 x  Bottom flange 1 x air hose pipe

Optional Accessories: 

  • AC 220/50Hz  Puma Brand electric air compressor
  • 3x4 guying lines (3 layer 4 ways) with mounting stakes
  • Ground Mounting Tripod