15m Antenna Mast-30kg Payload
    Publish time 2014-12-21 18:20    
Item #: PHT-80408150 15m Height Pneumatic Telescopic Mast 30kg payloads. 2.75m Retracted Height, 15m Extended Height,30kg Head Loads. mast weight approx. 80kg, 8 sections, 36mm dia. of top section and 160mm dia. of base section. Mast can be driven by air pressure less than 0.2Mpa/29PSI and extend/retract automatically by an air control panel, due to the non lockable collar design. It is ideal for portable antenna, security cameras application. And ideal for vehicle or ground mounting.
15m Antenna Mast-30kg Payload

Product Name: 15m Pneumatic Telescopic Antenna Masts

1>Item #: 80408150

2>Extended height: 15m

3>Retracted height: 2.75m

4>Maximum head loads: 30kg

5>Maximum working air pressure: 0.2Mpa/29PSI

6>Working temperature: -25~850C

7>Number of sections: 8 sections

8>Base section Dia. 160mm

9>Materials: Aluminum Alloy 6063T5

10>Mast weight: 80 kg approx

11>Accessories: 1x Top flange, 1x Bottom flange, 1x Air hose pipe

dimension of 15m mast