6m Mobile Camera Security mast
    Publish time 2016-07-22 15:51    
Item #: CCTV-70305060 This model CCTV mast designed for Australia client for mobile camera security. whole system will be mounted on a cube mobile solar CCTV trailer system. This mast extend 6m height with 1.75m retracted height.  CCTV cables 2xCAT5E + 2x2.5 + 2x1.5mm conductors were mounted inside.  The mast composed of 5 sections with ida. 98mm to 180mm. default accessories include a top flange, a bottom flange, an air hose pipe.  This mast will be listed as standard model, client can order the item directly. client will get a 5 years guarantee.
6m Mobile Camera Security mast

6m Mobile Camera Security Pneumatic Mast

1> Product name: 6m Mobile Camera Security Pneumatic mast

2> Item #: CCTV-70305060

3> Extended Height: 6m

4> Retracted Height: 1.75m

5> Max. top loads: 150kg

6> Inner spiral cables: 2xCAT5E for cameras, 2x2.5mm + 2x1.5mm for powers

7> Working air pressure: 0.2Mpa/29PSI max.

8> Working temperature: 0~65 Cel. Deg.

9> Number of sections: 5 sections

10> Section dia.: 98mm, 118mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm

11> Materials: aluminum alloy 6063T5

12> Mast weight: 90kg approx.

13> Default accessories: 1x top flange, 1x bottom flange, 1x air hose pipe.

14> Optional Accessories: electric air compressor DC12V, AC220V/50Hz. Side mounting bracket