600W LED Mobile Lighting Tower
    Publish time 2014-04-24 12:10    
LED Mobile Lighting Tower Item #: PHT-LED-600 600W LED Lamps (4x 150W LED) 6.2m Pneumatic Telescopic Masts with internal sprial cables 5000W Diesel Generator Set

LED Mobile Lighting Tower
Item #: PHT-LED-600
1> 600W LED Lamps (4x 150W LED)
2> 6.2m Pneumatic Telescopic Masts with internal sprial cables

      Extended Height: 6.2m

      Retracted Height: 2.65m

      Head Load Duty: 70kgs Maximum

      Internal Spiral Cables: RVV 4x1.5 mm2 + 2x2.5 mm2

      Working Air Pressure: 0.1 Mpa /14.5PSI Max.

      Working Temperature: -25~850C

      Number of Sections: 3 sections

      Section Tube O.D.: 82mm~118mm

      Materials: Aluminum Alloy 6063T5

      Mast weight: 45kg approx.

3> 5KW Diesel Generator, AC220V/50Hz

4> Trailer Hitch Style

Down Load