9m Lighting Mast Tower System with 4x 1000W Metal Halide Lamps
    Publish time 2014-12-30 15:13    
Item #: PHT-9000-M4000 9m Pneumatic Telescopic Lights Tower Mast System 4x1000W Metal Halide Lamps

Product Name: 9m Lighting Mast Tower System with 4x1000W Metal Halide Lamps


1> Item #: PHT-9000-M4000

2> Lamps: 4x1000W Metal Halide Lamps

3> Lighting Mast:  9m Pneumatic Telescopic Masts with internal spiral cable, Item #:PHT-70505090

4> Control Box: AC220~240/50Hz power supply, mast extend and retract, lamps lights on/off control.