LED Fire-Truck Move Lighting System
    Publish time 2014-02-16 19:43    
Item #: PHT-FF-PTZ 6m Fire Fighting Pneumatic Telescopic Lighting Mast, 4x 100W LED Lamps,Pan Tilt Head, 360 degrees in horizontal and vertical, Wireless/ Wire Remote Control Box, Lamps Individual Control  Mast Auto Extended / Retracted.
LED Fire-Truck Move Lighting System

PHT Fire-Fighting Pneumatic Telescopic Lighting Mast System is the idea for lighting towers which working on Fire-Fighting, Emergency or other rescue applications. The system model PHT-LT-LED400 is the new develop of the system. The whole unit working under AC 220V~240V/50Hz power which maybe supplied by the Diesel Generator or Gasoline Generator which mounted in the Fire-Fighting Vehicle or other Emergency Vehicles. We also can provide Diesel Generator or Gasoline Generator. The System also can be connected to the urban power supply system. And the system also can be worked under DC 12V/24V powers. 

Details Followed: 

Item #: PHT-FF-PTZ

lighting mast for fire-fighting truck, fire fighting mast

Mast System:   

1> 6m Extended Height 

2> 1.75m Retracted Height

3> Internal spiral cables

4> 5 sections

5> Base section Dia. 140mm

4x 100W LED lamps

Lamps System: 4 LED lamps, 100W each, total 400W

Pan Tilt System: 360 degrees rotate in Horizontal or Vertical 

Individual Control

control box

Control System: Wireless Remote Control and Wire Remote Control Box, 

Working under AC 220V/50Hz (DC 24V available)

Individual Control

diesel generator

Generator System: Diesel Generator, 5000W output, 

AC220~240V/50Hz power, 

10 hours working time.