10m Pneumatic Masts-30kg payloads
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Item #:PHT- 80507100 10m pneumatic telescopic mast with 2.3m retracted height max. payload 30kg, composed by 7 sections which base section dia. 140mm

10m Pneumatic Telescopic Masts

Item #: PHT-80507100

1> Extended Height: 10m 

2> Retracted Height: 2.3m

3> Head Loads: 30 kgs maximum

4> Working air pressure: 0.1MPa/14.5PSI

5> Working Temperature: -25~85 ℃

6> Number of sections: 7 sections

7> Section O.D. range: 36mm~140mm

8> Materials: Aluminum Alloy 6063/T5

9> Default Accessories: 1x Top Flange, 1x Bottom Flange, 1x air hose pipe

10> Mast Net Weight: 50 kgs approx.

bottom flange specification:                                            Top flange specification:

bottom flangemasttopflange     

Optional Accessories:  

Electric Air compressor, order item #: PHT-111080


Air Control Manual, order item #: PHT-2001

air control manual

Side Mounting Bracket, order #: PHT-7140

side mounting

Ground Tripod Mounting Bracket, order #: PHT-9140

ground mounting tripod

Mast Air Supply Connection

80507100 air control system