2.5m Roof-Mounted Lighting Tower-4x60W LED lamps
    Publish time 2012-10-25 09:17    
Item #: PHT-RLM-LED240-2500 Roof Mounted LED Move Light Tower 2.5m pneumatic telescopic mast,4x60W LED lamps, DC12V Wireless and wire remote control, 360 degrees rotation vertical and horizontal (1.5m/2.5m/3.5m available)

2.5m Vehicle Roof Mounted LED Move Light System

Item #: PHT-RLM-LED240-2500

Vehicle Roof-mounted

2.5m pneumatic telescopic mast system
4x60W LED lamps

Packing: (reference)

            Base 133cmL x 41cmW x 29cmH

            Lamps system 74cmL x 43cmW x 29cmH

Gross Weight: 60 kgs approx.