18m Mobile Trailer Mast Tower System
    Publish time 2012-10-23 18:44    
Item #: PHT-HMTS-18 18m Mast Mobile Trailer System 18m Lockable Pneumatic Telescopic Mast for 100kg payloads Hydraulic Mobile Trailer System for 18m heavy duty mast lifting from horizontal to vertical. Electric air compressor for mast extending/retracting

Item #: PHT-HMTS-18
18m Mast Mobile Trailer System
Hydraulic Mobile Trailer System for 18m heavy duty mast lifting from horizontal to vertical.
Electric air compressor for mast extending/retracting

18m pneumatic telescopic mast, 100kg payloads, lockable/ non-lockable
System retract dimension: 385cmL x 180cmW x 165cmH

Pneumatic Telescopic Mast Specification:

18m Locking Pneumatic Telescopic Mast 100kg payloads

1> Item #: PHT-90108180

2> Payloads: 100kg max.

3> Extended Height: 18m

4> Retracted Height: 3.2m

5> Working air pressure: 0.2Mpa/29PSI

6> Working temperature: -20~85 Celsius degrees

7> Number of sections: 8 sections

8> Section dia. 82~229mm

9> Materials: Aluminum alloy 6063T5

10> Accessories: 1x top flange, 1x bottom flange, 1x air hose pipe.

11> Mast weight: 250kg approx.

Hydraulic Trailer dimension:

travel dimension: 385cmL x 196cmW x 165cmH (mast in horizontal)

work dimension: 523cmL x 323cmW x 165cmH (mast in horizontal)

single heavy duty trailer axle,4 heavy duty lifting jacks

Hydraulic Trailer Specification:

trailer mast dimension 02

trailer mast dimension 04

Hydraulic lifting system: 3 Tons hydraulic cylinder with 750W 220V/50Hz motor with support beam for mast tilt from horizontal to vertical and from vertical to horizontal

(electric motor hydraulic unit with manual operation back up)

combined hydraulic control

Electric air compressor: PUMA-2025 electric air compressor for mast extending/retracting, air