21m Broadcasting Pneumatic Masts
    Publish time 2014-03-14 16:51    
Item #: PHT-80111210 Extended Height: 21m Retracted Height: 3.1m Application: Microwave Antenna Masts Tower, Radio Telecommunication Towers, UAV tracking or Detection, Emergency Communications, Sensor Elevation, Surveillance Camera Elevation, Communication Antenna Towers.....

18m Masts/ 30kg Head Load

Item #: 80111210


1>   Item code: 80111210

2>   Extended height: 21m

3>   Retracted height: 3.1m

4>   Maximum head loads: 30kg

5>   Collar style: non-locking collar

6>   Number of sections: 11 sections

7>   Mast weight: 190 kg approx

8>  Accessories: Top flange, bottom flange, guying ropes 4 layer with 4 ways

Application: Microwave Antenna Masts Tower, Radio Communication Towers, Surveillance Camera Elevation, Sensor Elevation, Data Gathering, Atmosperic Measurement, Airfield Weather Stations, Oil Field Exploration, Border Security Appliocation......